Lumeca on laptop with New York skyline in background

How Technology is Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

July 31, 2019
Lumeca on laptop with New York skyline in background

How Technology is Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

Let’s talk about your last doctor appointment. Were you greeted with a smile and escorted straight into an exam room by a licensed nurse who had the time to take a detailed health history? When the doctor stepped into the room, were they relaxed? Did they already know the details of your health history? Did you get all the time you needed to ask questions, discuss your concerns, and come up with a health plan that worked for your life and schedule? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, congratulations. You’re the exception to the rule.

It’s no secret that the modern health system has serious issues. On average, patients spend 14 to 34 minutes in the waiting room and only 5 to 20 minutes with the doctor. Why? Doctors are overloaded and understaffed. One study found that the average primary care physician manages 2,300 patients and sees about 94 of them each week. Even worse, most of a physician’s time isn’t spent with patients. Paperwork and administrative tasks eat around 20 hours per week for many physicians. The result? Overwhelmed administrative staff, burned out health providers, and frustrated patients.

But don’t lose hope just yet! We’re living in a digital age. Technology has already disrupted retail, entertainment, and transportation. Now it’s poised to disrupt healthcare in new and exciting ways.

Lumeca is leading the charge against inconvenient office hours, packed waiting rooms, and rushed doctors. 

Virtual healthcare has been a small part of the system for years. But recent mobile advancements mean more people prefer a virtual-first approach to wellness. That means using apps, chatbots, and online portals before deciding to schedule office appointments. Patients have more control over how they seek care. That means the industry has an incredible opportunity to become more service-focused. Here at Lumeca, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can simplify healthcare. We believe telemedicine improves accessibility, keeps your health on schedule, and puts control back in the hands of you and your healthcare providers.

Improving accessibility

There are plenty of obstacles to accessing healthcare. First, how do you get to the doctor’s office? Many of us juggle work, school, and family schedules. Living in a rural area? Your trip to the office just got two to three times longer. Don’t have reliable access to a car or public transportation? Now your appointment is more expensive and requires more planning. Platforms like Lumeca cut out commute time and keep you out of waiting rooms so that you can get quality healthcare then get on with your life.

But accessibility is about more than getting to and from your appointments. It’s about streamlined scheduling, connecting with health professionals, and having on-demand access to your records. With Lumeca, you get that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. From anywhere. That’s just one way we’re disrupting the healthcare industry. 

Keeping your health on schedule

Thought scheduling your first appointment was tricky? Now try to stay on top of rechecks and follow-up appointments. For many folks managing a chronic or ongoing condition, follow-up care is the breaking point. Especially if another visit means taking more time off of work. Lumeca makes managing your health schedule easy.

You can access our health team through our app, web portal, or phone line. See your doctor anywhere, anytime, and figure out when you need your next “hands-on” appointment. We also support you by managing prescription refills and getting medications delivered to your door. With Lumeca managing things behind the scenes, your care never misses a beat.

Supporting patients and providers

For too long, patients and providers have been at the mercy of a frustrating, overburdened medical system. The shortage of doctors means congested waiting rooms and rushed appointments. The result? A broken relationship between physicians and their patients. Lumeca is working to restore that relationship. We offer both individual and business plans to suit different budgets and needs. Plus with our network of providers, you can see primary care doctors, specialists, and mental health professionals. All from the comfort of your own web-enabled device.

Healthcare anywhere, anytime. That’s how we’re disrupting the healthcare industry.

Though healthcare has some catching up to do, it’s quickly becoming a more service-oriented industry. And we should all be thanking technology for the shift. Lumeca is committed to keeping at the forefront of the disruption, putting healthcare access back in the hands of the people.