The Government of Saskatchewan Encourages People to Use Virtual Healthcare Services

REGINA, SK – July 27, 2023the Government of Saskatchewan encourages people to use virtual healthcare services via the Saskatchewan Virtual Visit Program.  

The Virtual Visit Program is a healthcare initiative partnered with Lumeca and launched in June 2022 in Saskatchewan. The program is designed to enhance accessibility to medical appointments by providing patients and healthcare providers with the option to connect remotely through audio or video conferencing.  

Since the launch, the program has offered a way to balance in-person and virtual visits. Saskatchewan residents can easily access healthcare services regardless of their location, especially for those living in rural and remote areas. Providers can treat patients more promptly and on flexible schedules. For patients with specific medical conditions that require a hands-on approach, in-person visits are still important and are an option.  

The Virtual Visit Program offers a secure way to connect patients and physicians. The virtual service is available via web browser or a mobile app and works even in low-bandwidth rural areas. Patients can request a virtual visit option. Their provider will send them an invitation to a consultation and further instructions via email.  


Lumeca Health Inc. offers SAAS based health technology solutions to medical providers across Canada. Lumeca has developed proprietary technology to provide quality healthcare through the combination of traditional and virtual delivery systems.