The Lumeca Health Inc. Terms of Use were updated on January 20th, 2023. 

Terms – refers to “Terms of Use”, that governs the use and/or access to registered Patient Users within the Lumeca Platform.

Patient User, you, your – means residents who access the Services for their personal healthcare purposes. Can represent both an Individual Account and Registered Dependent(s).

Individual Account – refers to the user profile created, used, and accessed by a Patient User.

Registered Dependent – refers to the child or other individual added in the Patient User’s Individual Account Profile under ‘Dependents’ for whom they have the legal authority to seek Healthcare Services.

Lumeca Platform – refers to the mobile and web applications, websites, Content, products, and services owned and operated by Lumeca Health Inc.

Lumeca Connect – refers to the Lumeca Platform used to facilitate primary care and other team based continuing care between Patient Users and Clinical Users

Lumeca Go – refers to a part of Lumeca Platform that provides services for Clinical Users in an emergency setting (eg. EMS, fire, police)

Lumeca, we, us – refers to Lumeca Health Inc.

Clinical User – any physician, health professional, emergency personnel and employee of a clinic provided with access to the Lumeca Platform for the purpose of consultation with Patient Users. [If you are a health professional or staff of a health centre using the platform for providing virtual care, please see the End User License Agreement (EULA). By clicking ‘accept’, you acknowledge that you have read the EULA and agree to the terms contained therein.]

Service – refers to the “service” provided by healthcare professionals through the Lumeca Platform to meet one’s health care needs. May include general information services provided by healthcare professionals about diseases and conditions and how they are treated in Canada.

Demographic Information– refers to any information that is not Personal Health Information. This information can be recorded in any form, can be about an identified individual, or an individual whose identity may be inferred or determined from the information.  This information is typically used to categorize an individual into a common group with similar characteristics, e.g., age, gender, province of residence, etc.

Personal Information (PI) –refers to Demographic Information and Personal Health Information collectively. It refers to you specifically, whether factual or subjective. It does not include the name, title, business address or telephone number that would be publicly disclosed about an employee by an organization.

Personal Health Information (PHI) – refers to any physical or mental health information of an individual disclosed, documented or retrieved for the purposes of accessing health care services, or as an outcome of receiving health care services (also “Health Information” in some jurisdictions). This information could be provided and/or created during the interaction through the Lumeca Platform. Both the Patient User and Clinical User are active contributors of Personal Health Information.

Content – the information that is presented by Lumeca on any Lumeca Platform.

Intellectual Property Rights – refers to the rights given to individuals overs their intellectual property/activity.

Profile – refers to the user profile a Patient User would have created to gain services through Lumeca. This profile would have identification information, including PI and PHI.

Telemedicine (also Virtual Care) – the delivery of healthcare and other services using interactive text, audio and video technology, where the patient and the provider are not in the same physical location.

More simply put: 

When you click the checkbox during the sign up next to the Terms link, you take on legal responsibility to follow to these terms. This means that you will not use Lumeca Platform for emergency medical services unless you were invited to a Lumeca Go meeting. Additionally, you confirm that your public insurance covers virtual healthcare services, that you will carefully use the prescribed medicine and only for yourself, and that you will manage your health records responsibly. Should you not agree with these terms, you may stop using the Lumeca Platform. We can update the terms at any time and in extreme cases take away the access to the Lumeca Platform. 

If you are a service provider using the Lumeca Platform, please read the End User License Agreement (EULA).

By clicking the checkbox next to the link to these terms, you: 

  •  Accept these terms and agree that you are legally bound by these terms and that these terms establish a contractual relationship between you and Lumeca;
  • Are the legal age and capacity to consent to enter into a binding agreement; and
  • Understand you must not use the Lumeca Connect for emergency medical needs. If you believe that you are dealing with a medical emergency, call 911 immediately or attend your nearest emergency room. 
  • A 911 dispatcher may send you a meeting link to a video call through Lumeca Go, in which case some emergency services may be provided to you through the Lumeca Go product.  
  •  Confirm that you (or your registered dependent, if applicable) reside in a province or territory where virtual care is a publicly insured service, and you meet the insurability requirements for accessing them. 
  •  You agree that any prescriptions you acquire from a Clinical User are solely for the personal use of the individual named on the prescription. You agree to read fully and carefully all provided product information and labels, and to contact a physician or pharmacist if you have any questions regarding the prescription or medication.
  •  Agree and understand that Clinical Users hold responsibility for the management of your personal health records. For example, under the Saskatchewan Health Information Protection Act, they hold the role of trustee. This management involves the collection of your personal health information, disclosing it to others in order to continue to provide you relevant health services, and how your personal health information is accessed and used by colleagues, employees, or other affiliated service and/or care providers. 
  •  Understand and agree that Clinical Users are solely responsible for services that they provide to you, including compliance with standards of care and record-keeping and other professional obligations.

If you do not agree to these terms, Lumeca will not and does not provide you with the right to use the Lumeca Platform and you must not use, or immediately cease using the Lumeca Platform. 

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to modify, alter or otherwise update these terms at any time. By using the Lumeca Platform after the amendment of the terms, you are agreeing to be bound by such modifications, alterations or updates. The date on which these terms were last amended will appear at the top. 

On notice to you, Lumeca may immediately terminate these terms, and/or access to the Lumeca Platform, or generally cease offering or deny access to the Lumeca Platform or any portion thereof at any time, for any reason. 

If you are a health professional or staff of a health centre using the platform for providing virtual care, please see the End User License Agreement (EULA). By clicking ‘accept’, you acknowledge that you have read the EULA and agree to the terms contained therein.  

More simply put:

Lumeca is a platform that connects you as a patient with a health care provider. Providers are independent and are not employed by Lumeca.  

Your provider has the right to refuse providing services based on your situation and your needs. It is your responsibility to provide all the necessary information to your provider and treat the information that you get from your provider objectively. The information that you see on the Lumeca Platform may be outdated and it is not guaranteed to be accurate.  

Your Personal Health Information is protected by privacy and security laws. You can read more about it in our Privacy Policy. 


  1. The Lumeca Platform is a technology platform that facilitates connecting Patient Users (and any individuals for whom they have created a Dependent profile in their Individual Account, as the case may be) with Clinical Users for the provision of services, that Lumeca is not a party to the relationship between you and any Clinical User providing services. Clinical Users are independent contractors who are not employed by Lumeca or otherwise affiliated with Lumeca.  
  2. As with any other medical consultation, no results can be guaranteed or assured: your Clinical User may determine that services are not appropriate for some or all your treatment needs, and accordingly may elect not to provide services to you through the Lumeca Platform. 
  3. As with any other health care service, there are risks associated with the use of the services. 
  4. The Lumeca Platform may not permit the transmission of information in a way that allows the Clinical User to provide services (e.g., poor resolution of images). 
  5. You are responsible for providing the Clinical User with the information that he or she advises is required to provide you with services. 
  6. The laws that protect the privacy and security of PHI apply to Telemedicine; (again, please see our Privacy Policy). 
  7. The content and material appearing on the Lumeca Platform could include technical, typographical or photographic errors. Lumeca does not warrant that any of the materials provided are accurate or current (see the Section on “Content” below). 

More simply put:

To create an account and start using Lumeca Platform you need to be at least 13 years of age. You can only request services for you or your Registered Dependents under your Individual Account. Your dependents’ information includes but is not limited to their name, date of birth, and provincial health services number. On the other hand, Informational Services can only be requested for yourself. You can only have one Individual Account and you are responsible for all activity that occurs under this account. You do not need an account to use Lumeca Go services.

If you are an individual proposing to use the Lumeca Platform, including for obtaining healthcare services, you must register for and maintain an active Individual Account. You must be at least 13 years of age to create an Individual Account. You are only permitted to request services for you or for Registered Dependents you have added to your Individual Account. you must create a separate “profile” for each Registered Dependent, which will include the person’s name, provincial health services number and other personal information. Again, you are only permitted to request services for Yourself or Registered Dependents.  

You are responsible for all activity that occurs under your Individual Account, and you agree to always maintain the security and secrecy of your Individual Account username and password. Unless otherwise permitted by Lumeca in writing, you may only possess one Individual Account. 

If you are using Lumeca Go, there are no user accounts to be created and maintained. 

More simply put:

Lumeca is not a healthcare provider, it is only a platform where your healthcare provider provides healthcare services to you. Lumeca is not responsible for providing medical services. You can learn more about your provider by contacting them directly, the clinic they work at, or the professional college they are licensed with. 

All physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, first responders, community paramedics, and other healthcare professionals providing Healthcare Services or Informational Services, as defined below, (each a “Clinical User”) are independent, regulated health professionals registered to practice medicine and/or their professional scope of practice in their province of licensure. Lumeca is not a healthcare provider. Clinical Users alone are responsible for the Healthcare Services and Informational Services they provide through the Lumeca Platform. 

If you want information about any Clinical User, consult his or her profile on the register on the website of which professional college he or she is licensed with. Example: For physicians, visit the College of Physician and Surgeons of Saskatchewan at If you have concerns or questions about the practice standards of an individual, you may contact their respective regulatory body.  

The Lumeca Platform enables you to access the online provision of health care from healthcare providers, for you. The Lumeca Platform will only be made available to you if you meet the Residency Requirements set out above, and any other practice standards required in your region. You agree that the Lumeca Platform is made available solely for your personal and non-commercial use.  

The Lumeca Platform includes services such as:   

  • Online consultations with your provider via video, phone, or chat where you may also share images and files  
  • Schedule appointments with your family physician or other allied health provider for yourself or your dependents   
  • Find a health provider who is taking new patients and connect with them as a new patient  
  • Store information (including PHI created or compiled in the course of using the Platform) and to share it with Clinical Users; and   
  • Receive and store prescriptions and lab requisitions, among other documents, from Clinical Users electronically 
  • Let emergency medical personnel know where you are located using GPS technology  
  • Create and manage profiles for your dependents  

There are three key components to the Lumeca Platform:  

  • Lumeca Connect  
  • Lumeca Connect Pro (optional: white labeled)  
  • Lumeca Go  

More simply put:

Lumeca’s Connect Model allows you to find health professionals who are offering healthcare services in your area. By requesting to register with the provider at the clinic, you agree to share your information with that clinic. The clinic will be able to use that information to contact you

Clinical Users can use the Connect software to display their clinic location geographically and have consented to sharing their business contact information through our Connect software. As an Individual Account holder, you can access the map and search bar through the Lumeca Platform to seek health care providers in your area who are accepting new patients. If the clinic is not using the Connect Pro software (see more below) for virtual care and appointment scheduling, then by requesting to join a clinic as a new patient, you are consenting to this clinic contacting you using one of the contact methods you have entered in your profile.    

More simply put:

Your provider can invite you to register at the clinic by sending you a request with a code. You will also receive directions on how to get started with using the software including how to create an account if you don’t have one. After registering, you will be able to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with your new provider if the clinic allows patient self-scheduling. Now that you have a provider, you invest in a long-term relationship with that provider which ensures continuous care and personalized and more accurate treatment. You agree that you will only use Lumeca Platform for personal reasons. 

A Clinical User using Lumeca Connect Pro can invite individuals to join the Lumeca applications. When Connect Pro is white labeled, it may also appear with the Clinical User’s organization or clinic’s branding and colouring and not be identified as ‘Lumeca’:

  • The Clinical User would simply send a request for the patient to join through a unique code provided to you in person or over the phone, an email, or SMS. These messages provide guided steps on how to create an account and/or link to the Clinical User’s clinic.
  • In events where individuals have a Patient User account, the Patient User would simply use the links provided and join using their existing account credentials.
  • In events where patients do not have an account, patients would be directed to create an Individual Account prior to joining. Lumeca Health has taken reasonable steps to make the account creation process easy and stress free. Simply following the direction on the screen would provide Patient Users with the information required to create an account.
  • Once you are registered in the Lumeca Platform, you will have access to schedule a consultation with your primary care provider/family physician/allied health professional. You may be able to schedule in-person and/or virtual appointments with your provider
  • Through your Individual Account you can manage your Personal Information and receive Lumeca Platform services described above

You will be able to use Lumeca Platform, if you meet requirements set out by the region you live in. For example, most regions require you to be physically located in that region to receive care from your provider.

With Lumeca Connect Pro you can find a healthcare provider, schedule appointments, store your information and share it with other healthcare providers, as well as receive and store prescriptions and lab requisitions. You agree that you will only use Lumeca Platform for personal reasons.

More simply put:

You can communicate with first responders through Lumeca Go in case of an emergency where you, or others are injured, or requiring emergent attention. In either case, you may be asked to share your GPS location for the emergency services to arrive to the site and provide hands on medical help.  

Lumeca Go allows you connect with an emergency services professional in case of an emergency. You may access care directives through Lumeca Go if you require medical assistance. A 911 dispatcher will send an invite link to your phone number and to possibly another healthcare provider to a video meeting in which you would be able to receive medical assistance. When you click on the link, it may launch directly into the video feed without using your log-in details. This is done to make access as quick and seamless as possible.  

No Individual Account is required. By clicking on the link and joining the call, you are implying consent to share information through the Lumeca Go platform. The purpose of this application is to quickly gather the necessary information about the emergency to make a better assessment of the situation. To assist you better, you may be requested to share your GPS location so that an emergency medical team can get to your location to help you quickly. Lumeca will never collect your GPS location without your permission. 

Your consent to treatment from emergency personnel is not the same as sharing information via the Lumeca Go platform, and consent to treatment may be granted and documented in a variety of ways. Examples include, verbal, implied, informed, and expressed.   

As a bystander in an emergency, you may be able to aid an injured individual with guidance from a dispatcher and a healthcare professional that are using Lumeca Go. Any action that you may do is your responsibility. Lumeca does not hold responsibility for your actions at the site of the emergency. You may also be asked to share your GPS location so that emergency services can locate and arrive to the site of the emergency.  

The following symptoms are considered to be high priority and require an in-person assessment. CALL 911 DURING AN EMERGENCY. DO NOT USE THE LUMECA PLATOFORM FOR THE FOLLOWING HEALTH CONDITIONS: chest pains, difficulty breathing, fever in children under the age of 3 months, blackouts or feeling like you may blackout, any impairment in level of consciousness, stroke like symptoms such as impaired sensation or paralysis to one side of your body, inability to speak or comprehend language, any abdominal pain severe enough that you are unable to comfortably walk, or any symptoms that require immediate medical intervention.  

 (Note: If you are calling 911 emergency medical services and they are using the Lumeca Go application, you may be able to receive Emergency Services in this scenario.) 

In addition to the limitations set out above, Clinical Users will use their professional discretion in accordance with their regulatory standards when prescribing certain kinds of medication including narcotics, controlled substances or other types of controlled medications, non-therapeutic drugs and other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse.    

You should report any medication reactions, side effects or other adverse events to the physician that prescribed you the medications as well as your regular family physician. If you do not have one, please attend the nearest walk-in clinic or emergency room or in case of severe reactions, call 911.    

Clinical Users have the discretion to refuse or discontinue the provision of care to any User at any time. 

Our collection, use, disclosure, retention, disposal, and destruction of Information are governed by our Privacy Notice, located at Lumeca you must review our Privacy Notice prior to agreeing to these Terms as the Privacy Notice is incorporated by reference into, and accordingly, is part of these Terms. 

If you have questions about our privacy program, our management of your Personal Information, please contact us as set out in the Privacy Notice. 

More simply put:

Content that you receive outside of the Healthcare Services through Lumeca Platform is for informational purposes only and cannot be treated as medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. Make sure to discuss any Content with your primary healthcare provider. You can rely on Content at your own risk. 

None of the information or materials (collectively, excluding Healthcare Services, “Content”) available through the Lumeca Platform is medical advice, treatment, diagnosis or an endorsement, representation, or warranty that any medication or treatment is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. Content is for informational purposes only. It is your responsibility to discuss any Content with your family physician or another healthcare provider prior to relying on it and any reliance on Content is at your own risk. 

More simply put:

By using Lumeca Platform, you will not use or reference Lumeca’s intellectual property including but not limited to brand elements, products and service names, and trademarks. You do not have the right to distribute, copy, modify, or publicly distribute any Content outside of the Terms. These Terms exclude any software that you did not acquire lawfully. 

All right, title and interest in and to the Lumeca Platform, all Contents and rights therein, including all IP Rights, except PHI, are and shall remain Lumeca’s property or the property of Lumeca’s licensors. Neither these Terms nor your use of the Lumeca Platform convey or grant to you any rights to use or reference in any manner Lumeca’s brand elements, company name, logo, product and service names, trademarks, or services marks or those of Lumeca’s licensors. You are not permitted to copy or otherwise reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, republish, download, store or transmit any Content, except as expressly permitted by these Terms. For the purposes of this paragraph, “IP Rights” means all registered and unregistered rights granted, applied for or otherwise now or hereafter in existence under or related to any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, database protection or other intellectual property rights laws, and all similar or equivalent rights or forms of protection in any part of the world. 

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms, no license is granted (whether expressly, by implication or otherwise) under these Terms, and these Terms expressly exclude any right concerning any software that you did not acquire lawfully or that is not a legitimate, authorized use of the Lumeca Platform. 


While using the Lumeca Platform, you may not, and represent and promise that you will not: 

  1.      Remove or alter any copyright, trademark, brand elements or other proprietary notices. 
  2.      Reproduce, modify, prepare derivative works based upon, distribute, license, lease, sell, resell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, stream, broadcast or otherwise exploit the Lumeca Platform except as expressly permitted by Lumeca. 
  3.      Decompile, reverse engineer, decode, adapt, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to derive or gain access to the source code of the Lumeca Platform, or any part thereof. 
  4.      Link to, mirror or frame any portion of the Lumeca Platform. 
  5.      Cause or launch any programs or scripts for the purpose of scraping, indexing, surveying, or otherwise data mining any portion of the Lumeca Platform, or unduly burdening or hindering the operation and/or functionality of any aspect of the Lumeca Platform. 
  6.      Attempt to gain unauthorized access to or impair any aspect of the Lumeca Platform, or its related systems or networks. 
  7.      Impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity. 
  8.      Access or use the Lumeca Platform in any manner or for any purpose that infringes, misappropriates, or otherwise violates any intellectual property rights of any person or that violates any laws. 
  9.      Access or use the Lumeca Platform for purposes of competitive analysis of the Lumeca Platform, the development, provision or use of a competing software service or product or any other purpose that is to Lumeca’s detriment or commercial disadvantage. 
  10.      Input, upload, transmit or otherwise provide to or through the Lumeca Platform any information or materials that are unlawful or injurious, or contain, transmit or activate any software, hardware or other technology, device or means, including any virus, trojan horse, worm, backdoor, malware or other malicious computer code, the purpose or effect of which is to:
    1. permit unauthorized access to, or to destroy, disrupt, disable, distort, or otherwise harm or impede in any manner any:
      1. computer, software, firmware, hardware, system or network; or
      2. any application or function of any of the foregoing or the security, integrity, confidentiality or use of any data processed thereby; or
    2. prevent any user of the Lumeca Platform from accessing or using the Lumeca Platform as intended by these Terms. 

In addition, you agree to refrain from abusive language or inappropriate conduct when communicating with anyone through the Lumeca Platform, including Clinical Users. you agree that you will not contact Clinical Users in respect of Healthcare Services or Informational Services except through the Lumeca Platform. For clarity, Lumeca has no interest in or control over any interaction that you may have with Clinical Users outside the Lumeca Platform and unrelated to Healthcare Services or Informational Services. 

More simply put:

At any point in time Lumeca has the right to prevent you from accessing the Lumeca Platform for any reason. You may be able to have a short-term access when requested. You have an option to deactivate your account as well. 

As set out above, Lumeca reserves the right to terminate any User’s access or use of the Lumeca Platform at any time, for any reason. If your Individual Account is terminated, Lumeca will have no further obligation to provide access to the Lumeca Platform, except to the extent there is an obligation to provide you with access to your Information, or We are requested to do so, for a limited period, by a Clinical User in connection with his or her professional obligations to you. 

you may deactivate your Individual Account at any time, for any reason, by no longer logging in to your Individual Account. Please see our Privacy Policy in relation to our management of Information on the deactivation of an Individual Account. 

More simply put:

Sometimes provincial healthcare plans do not cover certain services. In this case, your provider is responsible for sending you the bill and you are responsible for paying that bill. Lumeca does not charge for services covered by provincial healthcare plans. 

Like certain other health professional services, some Healthcare Services may be provided for a fee. The fees for Healthcare Services are only for those elements of Healthcare Services not covered by the provincial health plan in your Province or Territory of residence (e.g., a consult with a psychologist). Should you engage with a health provider for non-insured services, they will be responsible for invoicing you and you are responsible for paying them directly. Lumeca does not, at this time, facilitate that payment and invoicing process. We do not charge for services that are covered by provincial health plans. 

The fees for most physician administered virtual Healthcare Services are insured through your respective provincial public health plan.  

Where you have questions about fees charged for Healthcare Services, please contact a representative of healthcare services in your Provice or Territory.

More simply put:

Lumeca does not guarantee the reliability and the quality of the services provided through the Lumeca Platform. You are using the Lumeca Platform at your own risk. 

The Lumeca Platform is provided “as is” and “as available.” Lumeca disclaims all representations and warranties, express, implied or statutory, not expressly set out in these terms, including the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement and all warranties arising from course of dealing, usage or trade practice. In addition, Lumeca makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee regarding the reliability, timeliness, quality, suitability or availability of the services requested through the use of the Lumeca Platform, or that the services will be uninterrupted or error-free. Lumeca does not guarantee the quality, suitability or safety of healthcare services or informational services. You agree to assume all risk arising out of your use of the Lumeca Platform, and any risk related to the healthcare services and informational services. 

More simply put:

Lumeca is not liable for damages that may be the result of Healthcare Services or Informational Services provided by the Clinical Users. We are not liable for the transactions and relationships between you and Clinical Users. 

Under no circumstance shall Lumeca be liable for indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages, including professional negligence, personal injury, lost income or lost data, related to, in connection with, or otherwise resulting from any use of the Lumeca Platform and/or health care services and/or informational services provided by Clinical Users. Lumeca, its directors, officers, employees, shareholders, affiliates, agents and independent third -party contractors shall not be liable for any damages, liability or losses arising out of: (i) your use of or reliance on the Lumeca Platform and/or healthcare services and/or informational services, or your inability to access or use the Lumeca Platform and/or healthcare services and/or informational services; or (ii) any transaction or relationship between you and any Clinical User. Lumeca shall not be liable for delay or failure in performance resulting from causes beyond Lumeca’s reasonable control. You agree that Lumeca has no responsibility or liability to you related to your use of the Lumeca site or the healthcare services and/or informational services provided to you by Clinical Users. 

In no event will the aggregate liability of Lumeca in connection with, or otherwise resulting from any use of the Lumeca Platform and/or health care services and/or informational services provided by Clinical Users, under any legal or equitable theory, including breach of contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability and otherwise, exceed the value of any services provided to you by Lumeca. The foregoing limitation applies notwithstanding the failure of any agreed or other remedy of its essential purpose. 

More simply put:

Lumeca is not liable for your information being stored on other private or public devices that you may use to access the Lumeca Platform.To protect yourself and your information you can follow a Virtual Care Guide for Patients where you can learn how to use your device and follow proper security practices. You can learn more about privacy in our Privacy Policy. 

Lumeca is not liable for your information stored or recorded by any computer, tablet, mobile device, or any network, whether public or private, that you may use to access the Lumeca Platform. 

There are steps you can take to protect Yourself when using electronic devices. The Canadian Medical Association has created a Virtual Care Guide for Patients to help you learn how you can mitigate risk and protect Yourself. It is recommended you review this before engaging in any virtual care encounter. It includes ways to be discreet, secure, and prepared. These include, but are not limited to, using earphones/headphones, using a stable and password protected internet connection, and making sure your device’s battery is well charged. 

More details about how you can safeguard your private and personal information is found in the Privacy Notice and it is recommended you read through it in its entirety before beginning your use of the Lumeca application.  

Notify us immediately if you believe your account is being accessed by someone other than yourself at Keep your passwords private and always log out of the Lumeca app when it is not in use.  

More simply put:

You agree that Lumeca including its directors, officers, employees, agents, and shareholders will not compensate you for your use of Lumeca Platform, Healthcare Services, Informational Services, your breach or violation of the Terms, your violation of the rights of any third party including Clinical Users, and any other materials or information provided by or on behalf of Lumeca. For some services that are not provided by Lumeca but are provided by another party, you agree to that you will be dealing with that party and not Lumeca 

You agree to indemnify and hold Lumeca (which in this paragraph includes its directors, officers, employees, agents, and shareholders) harmless from all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) arising out of or in connection with:   

  1. your use of the Lumeca Platform, Healthcare Services and/or Informational Services obtained through your use of the Lumeca Platform;  
  2. your breach or violation of any of these Terms;  
  3. your violation of the rights of any third party, including Clinical Users, other users, any person on whose behalf you request Healthcare Services and/or Informational Services, and/or referred friends; or  
  4. any other materials or information (including any documents, data, specifications, software, Content, or technology) provided by or on behalf of Lumeca.  

Through the Lumeca Platform, you may use certain services that are not provided by Lumeca and that We identify to you for your convenience, e.g., prescription delivery services. To the extent that a service is not provided by Lumeca, you will be given notice prior to using that service, and if you elect to proceed, you acknowledge and agree that you will be contracting with the service provider and not Lumeca. 

More simply put:

These Terms is the source of truth and replaces all previous agreements. All matters relating to these Terms will be settle by the provincial and federal laws. Any action will be instituted in the courts of the Province of Saskatchewan. Your rights cannot be reassigned or transferred to anyone.  

You may learn more about Lumeca’s Platform on the Website. Lumeca is not responsible for these resources to be available and does not hold responsibility for the content of external resources. These Terms and other documents shall be drawn up in English only. 

Entire Agreement. These Terms, together with all information you provide to Lumeca as part of the setup of your Individual Account (as the case may be), constitute the entire agreement and understanding of Lumeca and you with respect to their subject matter and replace and supersede all prior or contemporaneous agreements or undertakings regarding the subject matter. 

Governing Law. These Terms and all matters arising out of or relating to these Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Saskatchewan and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein. Any Action arising out of or related to these Terms shall be instituted exclusively in the courts of the Province of Saskatchewan, and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts in any such Action. Service of process, summons, notice or other document by mail to your address provided to Lumeca shall be effective service of process for any Action brought in any such court. you irrevocably and unconditionally waive any objection to the venue of any action or proceeding in such courts and you irrevocably waive and agree not to plead or claim in any such court that any such action or proceeding brought in any such court has been brought in an inconvenient forum. For the purposes of this paragraph, the term “Action” means any claim, action, cause of action, demand, lawsuit, arbitration, inquiry, audit, notice of violation, proceeding, litigation, citation, summons, subpoena, or investigation of any nature, civil, criminal, administrative, investigative, regulatory, or other, whether at law, in equity or otherwise. 

Non-assignment. you will not assign or otherwise transfer any of your rights, or delegate or otherwise transfer any of your obligations or performance, under these Terms, in each case whether voluntarily, involuntarily, by operation of law or otherwise, without Lumeca’s prior written consent, which consent Lumeca may give or withhold in its sole discretion. For purposes of the preceding sentence, and without limiting its generality, any amalgamation, arrangement, or reorganization involving you will be deemed to be a transfer of rights, obligations, or performance under these Terms for which Lumeca’s prior written consent is required. No delegation or other transfer will relieve you of any of your obligations or performance under this Agreement. Any purported assignment, delegation, or transfer in violation of this paragraph is void. This Agreement is binding upon and enures to the benefit of you and Lumeca and your respective permitted successors and assigns. 

Links to External Websites. Links on Lumeca’s Platform to other Websites or resources including those operated by parties other than Lumeca, are provided for your convenience. Lumeca is not responsible for the availability of such Websites or resources and does not endorse or accept responsibility for the content of such external websites or resources and has no responsibility for or control over the terms of use or privacy policy (if any) of the operators of the external websites or resources. your access and viewing of any third-party Websites or resources is conducted at your own risk. Lumeca is not responsible even where We link you to those resources or refer you for your convenience. 

Severability: If any provision in these Terms is held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, such provision (or the part of it that is making it invalid, void, or unenforceable) will be struck and not affect the validity of and enforceability of the remaining provisions. 

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