Lumeca is a Saskatchewan-based SAAS healthcare company that provides technology solutions to medical providers across Canada. Lumeca has developed proprietary technology to provide quality healthcare through the combination of traditional and virtual delivery systems.

After extensive consultation and environmental scanning, Digital Health Canada’s Virtual Care Lexicon report defined virtual care as “Any interaction between patients and/or members of their circle of care, occurring remotely, using any forms of communication or information technologies, with the aim of facilitating or maximizing the quality and effectiveness of patient care.”

At Lumeca, our aim is just that, provide a technology that makes care delivery smooth, safe, secure and simple. We support interactions between all members of the care team, including family members, caregivers, consulting practitioners, specialists, you name it. We’re here to support the care journey for everyone and are happy to demonstrate our product to show you the benefits. Book a demo with one of our sales team members today!

Our product has been designed with industry standard and best practices in mind. Security is a mutual partnership, where the user must employ safe practices while expecting the product and the team behind it to do the same. Where the human factor ends, our product security begins, and we have implemented many safeguards, including up-to-date encryption in transit and at rest. Multi-factor authentication is standard for clinical users and optional for patient users. 

To summarize, Lumeca employs an array of administrative, technical and physical safeguards. We’re proud of our controls and are happy to share the steps we’ve taken. Reach out to one of our sales team members today to request a copy of our up-to-date Trust Report! 

With the guidance of our privacy officer, the entire team at Lumeca takes every measure to protect the information you provide to us through the platform. It is our duty to comply with the Personal Information Protection of Electronic Documents Act, along with the province’s Health Information Protection Act. Our team safeguards all data so that it is safe, secure, and encrypted. For more info, see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies on our website.

All data is stored on Canadian data centers which can also be set to the US if preferred

Our product is designed to compliment your existing privacy program for your organization and support the controls and safeguards you expect from a health technology. Features such as audit logging and data access and collection minimization are standard in our product. 

We approach data privacy management according to the legal jurisdiction we operate from, in our case, as a private company, we comply with PIPEDA legislation in Canada. User consent and transparency about our processes are a seamless part of the onboarding experience. 

Check out our Privacy Policy for a more detailed description of the steps we take!

Lumeca Connect Pro lets patients book appointments with their providers based on their availability. If for some reason they can’t see their primary care provider, they can choose to schedule an appointment with another provider at the same clinic. This system is controlled by the clinic. In addition, all consultation notes and files are stored post consultation and can be accessed by both patients and providers.

Lumeca Connect Pro works on iOS, Android and all modern web browsers. A video camera and microphone are required for video and phone communication.

Please call one of our admins at 1-844-658-6322 or send an email to