Lumeca Go

Fast, Simple, and Secure Collaboration for Emergencies

Instantly connect with first responders, paramedics, police, fire department, military, and other emergency services.
Get eyes on scene and collaborate together to address the situation.

Fast, flexible, and easy to use

Join a video session by clicking the SMS link – as simple as that. Use video, phone, and chat and invite other professionals to make well-informed decisions. The product is simple, easy to use, and works well in a web browser and in low-bandwidth conditions. Lumeca Go is capable of allowing teams to work locally and internationally.

laptop with the video chat feature on the screen
a laptop and an android phone with screenshots of blurred video

Protect dispatcher mental health

Lumeca Go employs a sensible approach to graphic videos and images. A simple feature allows personnel the choice to unblur video and images when useful or appropriate. This ensures video and images are routed downstream to medical and tactical decision makers while safeguarding dispatcher mental health.

Access personal health information ahead of time

Health care providers have an option to securely send and receive patient’s personal health information which allows sending critical data in advance to ensure continuity of patient care. No more need for burning CDs with X-rays and CT scans – send critical information during a video session.

laptop and android phone with screen sharing of a cat scan
laptop and an android phone with screenshots of the gps feature

Efficient and seamless collaboration

Extend SMS invitations to other professionals – paramedics, police, firefighters, and military. Use screen sharing, share images and files, request GPS location, and track arrival time to effectively deal with the emergency. No matter the situation, Lumeca Go is there to help your team make decisions fast and take the right course of action.

Keep your data safe, secure, and encrypted

All data at rest and in transit is based in Canada (or a country of your choice). Cloud-based solution ensures that the data is secure and encrypted. Data that is stored is available on demand for auditing purposes. Lumeca Go is compliant with PIPEDA and HIPAA regulations and follows provincial health information protection laws.

laptop with an image or a clock, soc badges, and canadian and usa flags
laptop, android, and iphone with a dispatcher, provider, and a first responder in a video call for a car crash emergency

Native iOS and Android applications

While Lumeca Go operates from a web browser, native Android and iOS applications further improve collaboration by taking advantage of the latest mobile technology. This interoperability ensures a reliable connection and enhances collaboration.

Get onboarded and trained in less than an hour

Lumeca Go was designed with simplicity in mind – it is intuitive and efficient. Training plans are readily available and our Customer Success Management team can work with your team to onboard thousands of staff with ease.

dispatchers at their computers

Instant communication in emergency situations

Instantly connect with first responders and health care providers with a video communication tool that is simple to use, works in low bandwidth areas, stores records of the conversations on Canadian servers, and is compliant with provincial  health information protection laws.


Connect instantly with first responders and emergency staff with video, phone, or chat via a web browser. Invite them via SMS or send a link via any other messaging application. No app required.


All data at rest and in transit is kept in Canada (or a country of your choice). HIPAA-compliant video chat is safe, secure, auditable, and reliable. All information is stored and treated according with PIPEDA and HIPAA regulations.


Save the time and make your team more efficient at coordinating calls and solving problems efficiently.


Find out where the accident has occurred and be able to send the team to that location right away.


Ensure that all details of the emergency are captured by recording video and sharing images and files in the chat. All records are kept secure and private and can be referenced at any point.


Know the estimated arrival time of emergency vehicles to efficiently manage the efforts in dealing with the situation.

Configure Lumeca Solution for Your Workflow

Lumeca Go is built with emergency services in mind. You can easily adapt the solution to meet various workflows. In an emergency, you can use Lumeca to easily:

  • augment a phone call with video
  • generate quick video or audio meetings with other care team members and patients
  • invite participants to meeting from a contact list
  • invite other participants to meetings with a simple SMS invitation
  • blur video and photo attachments
  • request or send GPS location
  • and more

Watch a demo today by filling out the form and see how Lumeca Go can transform your workflow.

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