• 01Setup your clinic

    Our Customer Success Management team can typically onboard a new clinic in less than an hour, depending on your workflow. This initial step can be completed by an office manager, nurse, doctor, or any other role.

  • 01Invite your patients

    Invite your patients via their email or phone number. Patients will receive an invite code which they can enter in the Lumeca App. To invite patients in person, you can simply print out the code with the next steps for them.

    Alternatively, if you have their phone or email, just send them a link which will automatically prompt them to join your clinic. Once accepted, patients and providers can begin communicating and setting up appointments.

    Even better, if you have an EMR we have an integration where we can automatically pre-populate all your invites.

  • 01Set your schedule

    Once you allow your patients to schedule appointment with you, set your availability and designate a set amount of time for each type of appointment. Patients can choose a block of time for a virtual or an in-person appointment based on the reason for their visit. For example, prescription refills may only take 5 minutes while mental health consultations may take 30. With Lumeca Connect, you can customize how your patients engage with you based on your availability.

  • 01Manage your waiting room

    With Lumeca’s proprietary waiting room technology, providers or their office support staff can manage a virtual waiting room easier than in person.
    • See when patients are ready - No need to enter a chat if the patient isn’t there.
    • Send Quick Messages without jumping into a full conversation.
    • Cancel appointments and grab additional consultation video links from the waiting room screen.

  • 01Conduct your appointments

    HIPAA-compliant video chat that is safe, secure, auditable, and reliable. Intuitive and efficient options allow you to set follow-ups, order tests, send referrals, order prescriptions, and more – all while talking to your patient!


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