Meet our team

Shawn Hazen, Founder/Director

Shawn Hazen


Darrel Monette, Chief Executive Officer/Director

Darrel Monette

Chief Executive Officer/Director

Travis Arychuk, Director

Travis Arychuk


Justin Scott, Chief Financial Officer/Director

Justin Scott

Chief Financial Officer/Director

Jeremy Foster, Chief Technology Officer Team

Jeremy Foster

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Mark Wahba, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Mark Wahba

Chief Medical Officer

Tom Douglass, Chief Operating Officer

Tom Douglass

Chief Operating Officer

Levi Hamilton, VP of Product

Levi Hamilton

VP of Product

Lindsay Brownridge, VP of Administration

Lindsay Brownridge

VP of Administration

Kaitlyn Hebert, VP of Security & Privacy

Kaitlyn Hebert

VP of Security & Privacy

Riley Ackerman, Software Developer (Android)

Riley Ackerman

Staff Software Developer (Android)

Brandon Demeria, Software Developer (iOS)

Brandon Demeria

Staff Software Developer (iOS)

Meet our Advisory Board

Advisory Board Member Dr. Kish Lyster, Hospitalist

Dr. Kish Lyster


Advisory Board Member Dr. Randy Radford, Physician

Dr. Randy Radford


Advisory Board Member Patricia J.F. Warsaba, Q.C. Lawyer

Patricia J.F. Warsaba, Q.C.


Advisory Board Member Dr. Payam Dehghani, Cardiologist

Dr. Payam Dehghani


Advisory Board Member Dr. Ziets Hendriks, Family Physician

Dr. Ziets Hendriks

Family Physician