Lumeca Go

Fast, Simple, and Secure Collaboration for 811 Services

Configure Lumeca Go to enhance your existing 811 workflow - everything from augmenting a phone call with video to multi-functional video meetings with other team members.

Augment a phone call with video

While on the phone with the caller, invite them to a video call via SMS for face-to-face communication. Optionally, you can stop the phone call and proceed with video and audio in the meeting. You have the flexibility to decide the best option for your workflow.

Collaborate with other healthcare providers

Enable smooth collaboration by inviting participants directly from your contact list or via SMS. Effortlessly include nurses, providers, specialists, and other professionals to collectively assess cases. Use screen sharing, share files and images, send chat messages, record meetings, or dial someone into the meeting for swift and effective case triaging.

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Safe, secure, and encrypted

All data at rest and in transit is based in Canada (or a country of your choice). Cloud-based solution ensures that the data is secure and encrypted. Data that is stored is available on demand for auditing purposes. Lumeca Go is compliant with PIPEDA and HIPAA regulations and follows provincial health information protection laws. 

Native iOS and Android Applications

While Lumeca Go operates from a web browser, native Android and iOS applications further improve collaboration by taking advantage of the latest mobile technology. This interoperability enhances collaboration and ensures a reliable connection even in low-bandwidth areas.

laptop, android, and iphone with a dispatcher, provider, and a first responder in a video call for a car crash emergency
laptop with the video chat feature on the screen

Share files, add notes, and keep records

Effortlessly share files and images during meetings to enhance information exchange and build a holistic view of the case. Chat history, meeting notes, and meeting records are readily available for download, auditing purposes, or future reference.

Configure Lumeca Solution for Your Workflow

Lumeca Go offers configurable options tailored to your 811 services. The solution seamlessly adapts to diverse workflows including: 

  • augment a phone call with video
  • switch to a video call
  • generate quick video or audio meetings with other care team members and patients
  • invite participants to a meeting from a contact list or via SMS
  • blur video feed and photo attachments
  • request or send GPS location
  • and more

Watch a demo today by filling out the form and see how Lumeca Go can transform your workflow.

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