I Accept & Acknowledge: 

The User Agreement (clinical user) or Terms of Use (patient user) that describe the nature of my account relationship with Lumeca and the Privacy Notice that details how my Personal Information (‘PI’) and Personal Health Information (‘PHI’) are handled and safeguarded through the product (the ‘Platform’). 

It is my responsibility to only enter true and up-to-date information in my profile on the Platform. I understand if I withhold information or provide false or misleading information, that it may impact the outcomes of health services and result in my account being terminated for violating the terms of use. 

Lumeca may collect, use and disclose any PI and PHI that is provided through the Platform. All PHI data resides in Canada. 

Lumeca will use this information to: 

  • Support access to health care (book appointments, dispatch emergency personnel, conduct video & audio consults and coordinate care between health providers/services) 
  • Make improvements to the Platform 
  • Process and store PI/PHI according to applicable data retention & destruction laws 
  • Send me notifications, such as appointment confirmations and log-in details via SMS and/or email. 

My information will never be sold to 3rd parties. 

If I do not consent to any of the purposes described above, I have the right to not create an account or to discontinue my account with Lumeca at any time by writing to: privacy@lumeca.com 

I agree to let Lumeca contact me periodically for informational emails, including new feature updates, feedback surveys, or other relevant purposes. If I opt-in now, I can always unsubscribe in the future directly from the e-mail(s).