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Lumeca is back at it again! This time we are improving communication in the healthcare industry. Lumeca Messages isn’t just another messaging tool, it’s a game-changer designed with the needs of the healthcare industry in mind: secure and time-efficient collaboration for the betterment of patient care. With Lumeca Messages, connecting with fellow healthcare professionals both within and outside of your network is quick, seamless, and secure. Questions, file sharing, coordinating patient care, and soliciting advice from others in the industry  just became so much faster. 

The need for privacy-compliant secure messaging is necessary for all healthcare practitioners who are tired of wasting time waiting for a faxed response to a quick question, hindering productivity and prolonging patient time in crowded waiting rooms and emergency departments. The industry, and its patients, are losing patience with outdated modes of communication. Regulatory bodies have been asking for a messaging tool that is compliant and does the trick for quick communication recognizing providers cannot simply resort to unsecure text message services. 

Use Cases & Benefit to the System

Healthcare providers often seek insight and second opinions from other providers, be it a nurse, physician assistant, or a specialist. A recent paper from the Israel Defence Forces Medical Corps supports the importance of message based communication for diagnosis, treatment course, and communication with specialists. Having a secure place to chat that is HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant, unlike generic text messaging, can be a major win. Imagine being able to tag in a specialist for a quick touch point? Imagine the convenience of being able to quickly involve a social worker or exchange updates with a parent without disclosing personal cell phone numbers? Amazing.

Clinical messaging can help reduce ED length of stay, retain burnt out nurses and speed up collaboration. It has been shown that messaging portals between providers helps with informal knowledge sharing and formal education. Helping facilitate stronger connections and knowledge-sharing among nurses, residents, and other team members, Lumeca Messages can contribute to the cultivation of environments where expertise flows freely, ultimately enhancing patient care outcomes.

Lumeca Messages: How it works

To watch how Lumeca Messages works, click here!

Once you log into the app, you can start a chat with other practitioners both in and out of your network by adding them directly or by searching by city, healthcare facility, specialty or role.

mock of laptop with a view of a start a chat modal

Once the chat is created, you can begin sending encrypted messages, files and images to other colleagues. This secure chat space creates the ability to update team members, ask questions and collaborate on complex cases.

mock of laptop and phone with a view of a chat in progress

Once you are done with the chat you are able to download and archive the chats for billing audits and note-taking.

mock of laptop with a view of archived chats
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